Re: adding rdf to a webpage

Jeroen Budts wrote:

> Now that I know a little about RDF (and have my own FOAF description),
> I want to add RDF descriptions to most of my websites describing most
> pages. But while I was searching some examples I saw that the RDF page
> of W3 [1] itself doesn't have any RDF linked to it (or am I wrong?).
> So am I wrong with willing to describe every page of every website
> (well maybe not Úvery page, but most of them)?

> What is best practice: create one rdf-file with a rdf:Description for
> every page or one seperate rdf file for every webpage?

The Mindswap site at the University of Maryland puts the rdf data into 
an html object like this -

<object type="application/rdf+xml" class="hidden"



Tom P

Received on Wednesday, 14 January 2004 09:38:46 UTC