URIs Re: Getting RDF data into HTML

Hi Cameron,

this isn't something that is apparently agreed. My feeling is that you can
use a URI however you want, just like you can a word in a natural language,
but that you are much better off ensuring you're not doing something
incompatible with what other people do.

I would suggect that you use the approach of FOAF:

  <re:Movie><foaf:homepage rdf:resource="http://www.imdb.com..."

(Hmm, I guess that's what the re:webpage property does actually). If you want
to you can define a node that refers to this Movie, of course.

Note that there is work on a "semantic meaning" spec, which would apparently
claim that there is a defined meaning for the URI that someone else created.

I'm also not a big fan of using a URI that refers to a page for referring to
a concept. It means that it isn't possible to distinguish between the page
and something identifiedd in the page, which strikes me as a bad confusion to

Of course this sugggests that if you're going to use an identifier you should
define it yourself with a URI you control, since if someone else does put an
RDF schema there and defines it as something else you'll look a bit silly to
anyone who does de-reference it.

just some thioughts...


On Mon, 5 Jan 2004, Cameron McCormack wrote:

>Hi everyone.  I've been lurking for a couple of months while my interest
>in RDF has been swelling.
>I have some RDF which describes TV shows and films I have seen and short
>reviews or thoughts about them.  This is the file of reviews
>  http://mcc.id.au/sw/reviews
>and this is the RDF schema for my review namespace
>  http://mcc.id.au/sw/schema/reviews-1.0
>.  Firstly, some questions about how my RDF.
>1. Is it OK that I have chosen URIs to identify my re:Movie and
>re:Episode objects?  For example, for a movie I'll use the imdb.com URL
>for that movie, and for an episode I might use the geos.tv page.  Or
>should I be using URIs that are under my control?  What if, in the
>future, it is decided that a different URI is the accepted standard for
>identifying movies and TV episodes?
>2. Am I right in thinking that the URIs I used to identify the re:Movies
>and re:Episodes do not necessarily have to have any information at them
>if dereferenced, and that it is a good idea to have the re:webpage
>properties as I do?

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