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On Tue, 27 Jan 2004, Morcom, Harvey wrote:

> I am trying to create a triple where an XML  document is associated with
> a particular topic, or in the majority of cases topics. These topics
> have a hierarchy to them which I wish to capture i.e. 'Consolidation' is
> the top-level topic and 'Consolidation Procedures' is one of many
> sub-topics of 'Consolidation'.
> Would I be right in assuming that the following syntax included within
> the XML is correct. My concern is that a property/predicate cannot
> contain more than one container.
> <Document xmlns:km="" xmlns:rdf="">
> 	<rdf:RDF>
> 		<rdf:Description about="">
> 			<km:topics>
> 				<rdf:seq>
> 					<rdf:li>Consolidation</rdf:li>
> 					<rdf:li>Consolidation Procedures</rdf:li>
> 				</rdf:seq>
> 				<rdf:seq>
> 					<rdf:li>Accounting</rdf:li>
> 					<rdf:li>Others</rdf:li>
> 				</rdf:seq>
> 			</km:topics>
> 			etc.....

Your concern is right, you cannot annotate the document in this way.
However, it is perfectly legal to have multiple occurrences of a
property, in this case km:topics :

 		<rdf:Description about="">
 					<rdf:li>Consolidation Procedures</rdf:li>

It seems to me that this models your original intent in a natural fashion.
If you do not like this, you could of course use nested containers, but
that might look rather messy.

Note that in any case you wind up with *multiple* triples:

<>   km:topics _:s1 .
_:s1 rdf:type  rdf:Seq .
_:s1 rdf:_1    "Consolidation" .
_:s1 rdf:_2    "Consolidation Procedures" .
<>   km:topics _:s2 .

You could also omit the rdf:Seq altogether, use an URI to identify
"Consolidation Procedures", and define somewhere else that
this is a subtopic of "Consolidation". Then you get only one triple
per km:topic.

Hope this helps,
Karsten Otto

Received on Wednesday, 28 January 2004 09:11:53 UTC