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Cameron McCormack <> wrote:
>I find it terribly verbose to look up information.  For example, if
>I have a show in $show and I want to find its title, I have to do
>  my $titleStatement = new RDF::Redland::Statement($show, $DCTitle, undef);
>  my $title = ($model->find_statements($titleStatement))[0]->object()->as_string();
>Similarly for all the other properties I want to retrieve.  I realise
>that if there was a query language here where the variables could be
>filled in with a single function call, then it would be a step in the
>right direction.
>The other problem though is that of generating the XHTML.  I feel like
>there should be something akin to XSLT for generic XML data that can let
>me declaratively transform RDF data into XHTML.  Does such a thing exist?
>Can anyone provide any other hints on how they have turned RDF data into
I think the two problems are somewhat related, as the the first is a
method of achieving XHTML output.

I've been doing some of the same things, working with Redland as well
as XHTML output. I too have used XSLT, and find that Redland's RDF/XML
serialization can be used without too many problems.

So my advice would be to try to work "directly" on the simple RDF/XML
output from Redland with XSLT, especially for "queries" like these,
that basically output everything in the document.

Morten Frederiksen
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