Re: RDF Editing software

Hi All,

try rdfedt, , it works for me, 
tree like interface and one can switch to view the rdf, nice little 


Gerrit Kuilder

David P. Kleinschmidt wrote:

> Does anybody see what I'm getting at?  Not only that, but once you get 
> more than a handful of resources, the window starts to get cluttered, 
> hard to edit in, and hard to navigate.  On the one hand, I find the 
> 'intuitive' graphical user interface to be frustrating and clunky.  On 
> the other hand, I feel that there must be a better fit for editing RDF 
> than a plain old text editor.
> - Dave

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Gerrit Kuilder

Received on Wednesday, 21 January 2004 14:32:30 UTC