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Hello Darío,

This seems like a good starting point. There is work on personalised
applications. Have a look at CC/PP - - which is
designed for adapting content to mobile phones, and AccLIP and the IMS
project's work on accessibility - for
related examples.

The Rainbow Team at ESSI - (french) - are working on
the area of adaptive and personalised web services.

I am interested in work on getting information in useful languages -
following on the extension of FOAF done by Leandro Mariano López (Inkel) -

There is also a page on semantic web projects in spanish on the ESW Wiki - - you're welcome to edit that page and
add anything that might be intersting (anything in this area sounds
interesting to me :-)



On Mon, 5 Jan 2004, Darío Andrés Silva wrote:

>    Hi, I don't really know if this is the right way to look for tips,
>please ignore this mail if it doesn't fit this mailing list (or tell me
>where my questions are appropiate :) ).
>    I've been reading about Semantic Web for some time, looking for
>papers and any resources to help me understand the relationship with the
>topic I'm really insterested in: Personalized Web Applications. I spent
>most of the time reading interesting but not concrete ideas, which give
>me (mostly) unuseful knowledge. Now, the director of my research work
>sugested me to take a look at Web Services in Semantic Web, always
>looking for support to develop archictures to provide personalization.
>    Finally, the reason of posting here is I really need some good
>advice about where to look for good resources about the subjects I
>mentioned. Any tip is wellcome, thanks in advice.
>       Dario

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