ANNOUNCE: eventSherpa BETA 1.2 Released (Semantic iCalendar)

Semaview recently released version 1.2 of the eventSherpa Network. This
release brings enhancements related to internationalization, geography and
category definition, and performance as well as many bug fixes requested by
the growing eventSherpa community.
A more comprehensive list of changes to eventSherpa in this release can be
found at Semaview encourages
existing BETA users to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible to
take advantage of the new improvements.
Apple iCal, Mozilla Calendar users can now publish to the eventSherpa
network - see
RSS feeds now available for upcoming events for each published calendar or
each user. (eg at
All calendars published via the Windows client
( are available in RDF format on the
Web. Additionally, you may export via the Windows client any calendar in RDF
for publishing on any Web site. Now over 1000 RDF calendars available in the
community (
Feedback appreciated,
Paul Cowles
VP, Development and Operations
Semaview, Inc. <> <> 
Phn (416) 214-5576
Fax (416) 214-0052
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Received on Friday, 30 January 2004 14:04:06 UTC