Sorry for the delay. I have a draft meeting page online now. One 
complication: the W3C advisory committee is currently considering 
a renewal of the Semantic Web Activity. One thing we've proposed there 
is the renaming of this Interest Group. If that goes ahead (and 
I'm working on the assumption it will), there will be a 
meeting of the Semantic Web Interest Group (SW IG) in Cannes. That's us.

The proposed charter is now public and online at

Draft meeting page is at

As you can see, the agenda needs more work. I suggest we discuss 
agenda here (www-rdf-interest) with proposals for lightning talks,  
presentations etc by 9Feb for a finalised agenda 15Feb.

Hope to see some of you there,

* Jeremy Carroll <> [2004-01-15 19:19+0000]
> Dan
> do we have a draft agenda yet for the RDFIG F2F in Cannes?
> I am interested in there being contexts on the agenda, maybe also trust.
> Jeremy

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