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[Ann] Semantic Content Management SC of ebXML Registry TC

[ANN] tangle yarn: RDF intro

[Ann] Usage Scenarios and Goals For the Ontology Definition Metam odel

[ontolog-forum] Wordnet Representations - XSD/RDF/OWL

[www-rdf-interest] <none>

A Fork Lay Ahead (was URI: Name or Network Location?)

A Link to Start with Rules

Accessibility Metadata event, Zurich 2004-02-09

adding rdf to a webpage

AIMSA 2004: Call For Papers: The Eleventh International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

ANN: Anyone for .Net RDF?

ANN: New book: Rapid Application Development with Mozilla

ANN: Progos SW tools

ANNOUNCE: eventSherpa BETA 1.2 Released (Semantic iCalendar)


ANNOUNCE: RDF Gateway 2.0 released with free personal edition

ANNOUNCEMENT: Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 1.2.0

ANNOUNCEMENT: Redland RDF Application Framework 0.9.15

Annum Novum faustum felicem - MMIV

Another possible SW-IG F2F agenda topic...

Any project about RDF Query for Image Retrieval System?

Asunto: Re: [www-rdf-interest] <none>

AW: Can hash URI description lookups be made to scale?

AW: URI: Name or Network Location?

Call For Papers: 18 CS & CE Conferences, Las Vegas, June 21-24, 2004

Call for Papers: Middleware 2004

Call for Papers: PHP and Web Standards Conference UK 2004

Call for Workshop Proposals: OTM 2004

Call for Workshops (IEEE/WIC/ACM WI-IAT'04)

Can hash URI description lookups be made to scale?

CFP: DOA 2004

CFP: ECAI 2004 Workshop on Application of Semantic Web Technologies to Web Communities

CFP: EKAW 2004 - 14th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Management

CFP: First International Workshop on Sustainable Pervasive Computing- SPC'04

CfP: Workshop on "Enterprise Modeling and Ontologies for Interoperability" @ CAiSE'04

client side rdf ->xsl -> html

DOASP - description of a software project


F2F RDF IG, agenda

Fast RDF Schema prototyping with Freemind and XSLT

Getting RDF data into HTML

ICKEP: Call for Interest

Importan Question for me

In-Depth Genealogy Ontology


Job Opportunity - DERi-KM

Library based on RDF

Listing vocabularies RE: Some questions

looking for tips

More thoughts for SW-IG F2F agenda

New Product Suite Supports RDF Modeling with 1M+ Element Framework


Photo database

Query across multiple models

RDF as an information store ?

RDF Editing software

RDF For In-Depth Genalogy


rdf:Seq & rdf:Alt in OWL class definition

RE : URI: Name or Network Location?

Semantic Web Takeoff and economics was RE: Asunto

SemPGRID04: Call for Paper

SemPGRID04: Call for Paper (DATE CORRECTIONS!)

Sharing ontologies in the semantic web world

Some questions

SW IG charter (proposed) (was Re: F2F RDF IG)

text search with RDF query

Trust, Context, Justification and Quintuples

Turtle - Terse RDF Triple Language

Undeclared vocabularies RE: Some questions

URI: Name or Network Location?

URIs Re: Getting RDF data into HTML

Use of Topic Map URIs WAS: Trust, Context, Justification and Quintuples

W3C acknowledges RDQL submission from HP

WCCW2004 Call for Papers

WCCW2004 Call for Papers : First International Workshop on Web Computing in Cyberworlds

WCCW2004 Call for Papers: First International Workshop on Web Computing in Cyberworlds

Wordnet Representations - RDF/XSD/OWL

XML (Schema) to DAML Translator

XML Europe 2004 - abstract deadline looming (jan 5)

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