Re: client side rdf ->xsl -> html


Gerrit Kuilder wrote:
> this might be a stupid question but I cnt find the solution.
"There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers" ;-)

> In internet explorer I get the html but sofar I have had no luck in 
> Mozilla and/or Netscape
Does your build of Mozilla have the TransforMiix module?  This is the 
XSLT processing engine for Mozilla.  I refer you to Axel Hecht's page at 
<>.  Hopefully the FAQ there should 
help you on your way.

> Although I tend to go into the direction of re-generating the html when 
> I update the  rdf, it ould be nice to let it happen on the browser side
Herein lies a big problem.  Unless you have control over the user agent 
(browser) used by your user group, such as in an intranet situation, you 
can run into problems.

> Anyone any tips or pointers?
Unless you have your own server this may not be much use, but I prefer 
to render content on-the-fly.  If you have a busy site, render and cache.

> BTW, if someone nows of some clever perl/cgi code to edit rdf's that 
> would also be nice....
There is a Perl module for RDF storage - you may have to put your own 
code around this.


If the link gets mangled by the list software and you can't resolve it, 
Google is your friend:

Hope this helps.



Matthew Smith
Kadina Business Consultancy
South Australia

Received on Sunday, 11 January 2004 16:34:16 UTC