Re: Any project about RDF Query for Image Retrieval System?

Hi Wenming,

there are various pieces of work in this direction. Progos -
- build tools for poking around with and building ontologies, including a
demo thing on their site for describing images. The FOAF / co-depiction work
- - done by a number of different people includes
various tools for searching different images and information about them, as
does some work on image annotations in various places.

In many cases the image anntoation work has been done separately, on the
understanding that normal RDF Query tools can be used to look for the results
in the same way they can query any other RDF.



On Sat, 17 Jan 2004, wwmm wrote:

>Hi Everyone,
>Just wanna know if there is any project or articles about RDF Query for Ontology-based Image Retrieval System?
>As the image on the web annotated by some ontologies, the RDF Query system could improve precision and recall rate.
>Wenming WU

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