RE: Listing vocabularies RE: Some questions

I suspect you haven't a hope of ever getting all the schemas. One interesting
approach would be to collect RDF content and collect up all the terms used,
seeing if they are defined anywhere (like a traditional search engine does).

I certainly think that collecting a number of significant ones, like
SchemaWeb does already, is a useful thing. As it happens I agree that this is
at least as important for software agents as it is for people, and perhaps
more so.

The sort of use case I imagine is authoring tools, where a user wnats to
make some kind of connection and teh tool can propopse half a dozen things
that might be useful instead of inventing a new property - somewhat like a
modification of progos' schema/ontology generator that first checks to see if
it can replace a new term with a widely used one.

For the same reason, I think it is not a good practice to make use of terms
that don't have a formal schema definition, although I suspect it will happen
for a long time to come.



On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Victor Lindesay wrote:

>> This would be give or take quite a few. Thinking for 3 minutes:
>Give us a chance Charles, SchemaWeb has only been going for a few weeks.
>As for coverage, I would reckon that SchemaWeb contains a very
>significant proportion of all schemas and ontologies published on the
>web in RDF/XML.
>Let's not delude ourselves; RDF is still a minority sport.
>>Which is why the task of trying to list them (and make it possible to
>>for properties and classes related to some task before creating yet
>>one) is at the same time very important ...
>I agree. But humans designing schemas are not the sole use case for
>schema portals and repositories. Schemas are also a very important part
>of the RDF technology stack and access to schemas is vital for software
>agents. Or have I misread the roadmap...

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