Re: ANN: Progos SW tools


Is there a bit of documentation available? (Magyarul?) It seems clear how
they work, but it isn't obvious if there is a way to load up some new RDf
into the RDF browser.



On Mon, 5 Jan 2004, Peter Vojnisek wrote:

>During our development cycle we create tools which are implemented as a
>part of our solutions. As a part of our belief in encouraging growth
>through experimentation and application we have made these tools
>generally available for evaluation purposes.
>RDF Browser:
>Browser/trainer for exploring RDF space through visualizing the
>relationships between Things
>which are called "Resources
>in RDF.
>Ontology generator:
>Ontology Generator can be used to generate RDF Schema (RDFS), owl or
>daml/oil, from an uploaded RDF file, RDF file URL or from RDF pasted
>directly into the page.
>To try out these tools from

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