ANN: New book: Rapid Application Development with Mozilla

Prentice Hall Professional Technical References has in the
last month published "Rapid Application Development with
Mozilla" ISBN 0131423436.

This book includes a treatment of RDF that readers of this list
may find useful. Books are infrequently announced here, but
this one is noteworthy because it is the first a) to properly
explain Mozilla's RDF implementation and b) to receive uniformly
positive reviews (although reviewer literacy varies). Review
examples are:


For those with a good grasp of RDF, this book accessibly
and completely describes Mozilla's implementation, including
its custom predicate calculus querying (unification) system.

For those seeking to grasp RDF better, this book includes
tutorial material designed to assist mere humans; it is written
in plain and explicit terms and has many concrete examples.

The RDF material has textual, code and diagrammatic content
and therefore suits a variety of preferred learning modes.
Approximately five chapters of the book are directly
releant to RDF; those chapters interwork with the remainder.

I hope this announcement is of value to you.

regards, Nigel McFarlane (author).

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Author "Rapid Application Development with Mozilla"   ISBN 0131423436

Received on Thursday, 1 January 2004 19:15:07 UTC