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Joshua with news from the dark side:
> We don't really have an official position.  There are a number of
> Microsoft customers who use semantic web technologies on 
> Windows, and we
> have ISV partners who adequately serve the needs of those 
> customers, so
> there has not yet been a strong need for us to explicitly semantic-web
> enable our software.

Thanks Joshua. As someone who is Microsoft platform through and through,
one thing that's I've found a pain trying to do anything with RDF is the
lack of tools for the Microsoft languages (VB and .Net). For example
having to write my own .Net parser knowing that all sorts of great RDF
kit is freely available for most of the other platforms and languages. I
suppose I've been spoilt by the excellent Microsoft XML tools over the
years from MSXML through to the .Net XML classes. Could you put in a
word maybe Joshua ... :-)

May I say something that might rattle some cages? 
Without Microsoft RDF support, the Semantic Web will not happen.

Received on Wednesday, 14 January 2004 14:36:23 UTC