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"Issue Processing" topic for f2f agenda

"SpecLite" Response to comments

20040602 non-telecon minutes (was Re: TestLite vs. TestGL WD)

2nd draft Day2am minutes

[DRAFT] Telconf QA WG minutes 7 June 2004

[Important] Re-joining the WG under the new Patent Policy

[QAH Review] Acquiring Test Materials

[QAH Review] Early Planning and Commitment

[SpecGL Draft] D3 Good Practice: Define error handling for unknown extensions

[SpecGL Draft] D3 Good Practice: Define precisely the extension mechanism

[SpecGL Draft] D4 Define how to handle each deprecated feature

[SpecGL Draft] D4 Explain how to avoid using a deprecated feature

[SpecGL Draft] D4 Identify each deprecated feature.

[SpecGL Draft] D4 Identify obsolete features

[SpecGL Draft] D5 Error Handling

[SpecGL DRAFT] D3 - Principle: Address the extensibility topic inside specification.

AB discussion on licenses for test suite

Add to QA Glossary

AI-2004-06-15-xx: QAH 1.3. Audience and purpose Rewording

CR issues disposition

CR Issues List Updated

Draft minutes QA WG telcon 20040628

Draft minutes: F2F, 17-june, AM

examples for TestGL

Final minutes QAWG Telcon 2004-May-24

Future of the QA WG

Fwd: Re: October Meeting in the U.K.

Fwd: Re: QAWG telecon schedule change

Glossary alignment

Just got dropped, please dial me back in. /D

List of all AIs from F2F meeting, for review

Minutes for QA WG F2F, Tue Jun 15 afternoon

Minutes of F2F meeting, June 16 PM

Minutes Tuesday (Day2) AM

Monday (28 June) QA WG telecon Agenda

Monday (7 June) QAWG telecon agenda [DRAFT]

October Meeting in the U.K.

partial minutes F2F, 16 June 2004

QA WG F2F Minutes Santa Clara

QAH issues for f2f

QAH issues for f2f -- overview

QAH review: Introduction and Roadmap

QAH review: licensing and branding

response to QAH comments

Response: Two more comments on "SpecLite"

Spec GL for F2F in Santa Clara

Status and some questions about the XKMS CR test suite

tentative Day2am minutes

Test Case Model

Test coverage requirement in Java Community process

TestGL draft

TestGL draft additions

TestGL reshuffle and demi regrets

TestLite vs. TestGL WD

Tuesday morning minutes

Wednesday QAWG telecon

WG F2F Regrets and TestGL status

Wiki topics for TestGL

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