Spec GL for F2F in Santa Clara

Dear WG,

To make a progress which is fast, I propose to continue how we have 
done in the past. Though now that we have a kind of structure, I will 
add two template to make it faster. If you present the data as 
organized in the second template and send it to the mailing list, it 
will be a lot easier for me to add it to the specification with the 
right markup.

Full section.
* List of Principles
 - principle 1
 - principle 2
 - principle 3
* List of Good Practices
 - Good practice 1
 - Good practice 2
 - Good practice 3

Principle/Good Practice section

Principle/Good Practice: [sentence]
 Make it as short as possible.

Meaning:   [one or more paragraph]
 What does it mean? Try to be concise and clear.
 Small hint: Give it to read to someone else, out
 of context.

Care:      [one or more paragraph]
 Why care? Why do you think it's important, what
 will be the consequences to not have it? Why it makes
 it very useful to have it?

Related:   [one or more paragraph]
 If there's an information similar somewhere else.

Technique: [Give practical way of doing it]
 Markup, or not if you think about a
 template send an HTML file in the
 mailing-list and give a pointer to it

Examples:  [Give one or more examples]
 Give the Reference to the Spec, dated version
 Give an abstract of the spec if possible
 Give a link to the spec ala
  IETF RFC 2119: Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate
  Requirement Levels, S. Bradner, March 1997.
  Available at http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2119.txt.

STILL A LOT TO DO. but step by step we will be FAST and SUCCESSFUL.

It would be good to have ownership on sections or even when principles 
and good practices when those has been defined. And now time for sweety 
things to work, there's no reason for you to not enjoy it, so here we 

CANDY 1 - 1 hour to write it.
 When you pick up one principle,
 Give it one hour of work to write it only. Just one hour.
 And one hour to review, re-read and polish it.

CANDY 2 - Don't write more than 1 Good Practice or Principle at a time.
 Take Break between them or even day.
 If you do one by day for 5 days. You'll have basically one section 
done in one week.
 If we do that 2 or 3 persons we have the whole thing finished in 3 
weeks. (ok it's ambitious but just to show that it's not so hard to 
finish it).

CANDY 3 - Don't write Mark Up just use the template I have given above 
and fill the text.

CANDY 4 - Make it fun. Meaning : have pleasure to write. Stay positive.

CANDY 5 - Make a pair. When you have finished, pick someone in the QA 
WG or outside and ask him/her to comment your work, in a delay of two 
work days.

We all these candies, you are better to brush your teeth, or... you 
will get into trouble soon ;)

These are the things we are missing right now.

  *** WHO WANTS WHAT ? ***

 ◦  A. Specifying Conformance
 ▪  A.1. A conformance clause is paramount
 ▪  A.2 Specify how to make conformance claims

 - Write Prose for a few section
 - Give Techniques
 - Give Examples
 Ownership: Karl

 ◦  B. The Nature of the Specification
 ▪  B.1. Scope
 ▪  B.2 What needs to conform
 ▪  B.3 Make a list of normative (and non-normative) references

 - Write Prose for a few section
 - Give Techniques
 - Give Examples
 Ownership:  ???

 ◦  C. Pieces needed to Specify Conformance
 ▪  C.1 Define your terms
 ▪  C.2 Identify normative and informative parts
 ▪  C.3 What is mandatory

 Almost Nothing Done.
 Need someone to kick the discussion

 ◦  D. Managing Variability
 ▪  D.1 Subdivide

  - Everything to do

 ▪  D.2 Optionality and Options
  - Good shape
  - Examples/Techniques to give

 ▪  D.3 Extensibility and Extensions

  - Good Shape
  Ownership: Karl

 ▪  D.4 Deprecation

  - Good Shape
  - More examples and techniques needed
  - Ownership: ???

 ▪  D5. Error Handling?

  - Everything to do

 ◦  E. Do Quality Control

  - Prose, examples and Techniques.

Karl Dubost - http://www.w3.org/People/karl/
W3C Conformance Manager
*** Be Strict To Be Cool ***

Received on Thursday, 10 June 2004 19:48:29 UTC