"Issue Processing" topic for f2f agenda

This is a topic we should address at the F2F:  Issues Processing.

Proper issues handling is a W3C-mandated aspect of any WG's life.  But it 
is time consuming. It appears likely that the time I will be spending on QA 
will decrease substantially after the F2F.  In that case, being "Issues 
Editor" is one of the responsibilities that I won't have time for. Therefore...

1.) if QAWG continues as a W3C WG, someone else needs to take over as 
Issues Editor.

2.) or, we could try to distribute it -- responsibility of each QAF editor 
(IMO, that would *not* work well).

3.) any case, our CR-back-to-WD transition is an excellent time to revisit 
whether we want to continue with our current issues technology -- 
XML-plus-XSLT.   I'm actually quite comfortable with it now, but it is not 
the most user-friendly system.  Alternatives:  ExIT, Mantis, bugzilla, etc. 
(Dom is investigating).

4.) if QAWG doesn't continue as a WG, then we need to consider how "issues" 
will be handled by whatever follows it in the QA realm (I assume that QA 
will continue to produce documents of some sort). Certainly, the W3C 
Process requirements change -- no formal comment handling needed if we 
don't function as a WG and are not on Rec-track.


Received on Friday, 11 June 2004 11:23:46 UTC