[QAH Review] Acquiring Test Materials


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AI-20040615-1  For QA Handbook, each WG member will review a section 
for clarity of content, typos, etc. (Intro and Roadmap  Lynne, Early 
planning and commitment  Mark, Day to Day  Patrick, Licensing and 
Branding  Dom, Acquiring Test Materials  Karl.)  by June 30.

This is my review of "5.5. Acquiring test materials" of
	The QA Handbook
	W3C Working Draft 10 May 2004

These are suggestions, nothing mandatory with regards to the proposed 
changes. General comment in this section, there's a lack of common 
organization, not that it's necessary, but for an external reader it 
helps to identify the work which has to be done.

Outline of this section.
5. Acquiring test materials

* Story
* Principle
* GP
	text (technique?)
	- Examples
	- Related
* GP
* GP
	How can I do it? (technique?)
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