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[SpecGL Draft] D4 Identify each deprecated feature.

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 17:36:29 -0400
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Lynne, Yours to review ;)

D.4 Deprecation

	Identify each deprecated feature. If there are deprecated features 
from a previous specification version, let the reader know about them.

	Identify each deprecated feature.

@@Need to define deprecated feature@@ (See the mail about 
deprecation/obsolete in www-qa)

	When a new version of a technology is created, needs evolve. It will 
be necessary to keep a detailed list of the deprecated features of the 
previous version of the specification.

	When the technology is implemented, it helps the developer to know 
which features will be superseded in the next version of the 
technology. It will also be easier to implement conversion mechanisms 
when necessary.
	It will help the user of the technology to know what are the features 
at risk when they create document and encourage them to use new 
appropriate methods.

	@@Look for references on deprecation@@

	1. Create a list of all features that are not encouraged anymore.
	2. Create a dedicated section for it
	3. Create a entry in the table of content going to this list
	4. For each deprecated feature, create a link to the appropriate 
definition in the specification

	"HTML 4.01" [0]
		The specification has a full list of "elements" [1] and "attributes" 
[2]. The deprecation status is given in the two lists.
		There is an entry in the table of content to these two lists.
		Each element/attribute is linked to its definition in the 

	IRI Avoid doing. Section 2.2 .2 Use of IRIs as Namespace Names in 
Namespaces XML 1.1 discusses the deprecation of relative IRI 
references. Difficult to find, luckily this is a very short Rec.

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