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[Access Module] accessibility check of SVG WG request for @order

[STYLE GUiDE] regrets through August 5

[STYLE GUIDE] Spinner revisited

accessibility conformance/approval logos and web content accessibility checkers

Aria Roles vs. Keyboard Shortcuts in the DHTML Style Guide

AT support for role="application"

DHTML Style Guide Canceled. Next Meeting July 15th.

DHTML style guide has broken links...

DHTML Style Guide Meeting Next Tuesday July 22 at Noon Eastern with Agenda

Easy ARIA tip #3: aria-invalid and role “alert”

Fwd: Request for Comments on Widgets 1.0 Requirements Last Call WD

Initial ARIA drag and drop example

Issue 56 - tree v. HTML list; with code sample (Was: Tree sample code)

ISSUE: ARIA Draft UA Conformance

ISSUE: ARIA Draft XHTML Example outdated

ISSUE: ARIA Draft: definition of AT

ISSUE: aria-setsize is redundant; it should be on listitem parentNode, not listitem

Keyboard Behaviors for Elements with Role "Grid"

linking work on processing WAI-ARIA markup in HTML

LowBrowse: FireFox Extension for Low Vision from Lighthouse Intenational

New Contact info

Request for Comments on Widgets 1.0 Requirements Last Call WD

Request for PFWG WAI review of @summary for tabular data

Styling text for Braille Display?

This info might come in handy, too ..

toolbar -- structure or composite widget?

Tree sample code

User Preferences for Colors, the CSS3-Color Module, & the CSS3-UI Module

Using title for ARIA name is impractical!

WebVisum: accessibility plugin for FF3 with "CAPTCHA image solving"

Widgets within widgets

XHTML 1.1 Basic Publised as a W3C Recommendation (2008-07-29)

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