Tree sample code

As promised, here is a zip of the tree sample I demo'd at the face to face.

Tree.htm uses only nested unordered lists of links (with onclick handlers) to achieve tree behavior.  JAWS in virtual cursor mode with medium verbosity does a good job of reading the list levels.  Tab+enter opens and closes the tree levels.

Ariatree.htm is the same tree, with aria markup added to the links.  With virtual cursor turned off, list level information is exposed to MSAA.  This was tested with IE8 beta 1 and JAWS 9.  There are a few bugs in what is exposed to MSAA by IE in this early build, which will be fixed.

I've copied George Young, who wrote the original tree, to which I added ARIA for the CSUN demo.  George is the best person to work with on combining this tree with any other samples that have more extensive keyboard handling features.

Received on Monday, 7 July 2008 21:20:36 UTC