Re: Keyboard Behaviors for Elements with Role "Grid"

Here's an attempt at summarizing one of the problems, and a possible 

Currently Tab/Shift+Tab is used to move among large chunks of the page 
or web app.  This is pretty much the convention in the style guide.  
Arrow keys  are used to navigate within widgets.

It would be very useful to have quick navigation among editable cells in 
a grid and not force users to navigate "endlessly" to them using the 
arrow keys.  However, if the number of editable cells is numerous, using 
Tab to move among them leads to a sense of being trapped if one wants to 
navigate through and outside of the grid quickly.

Would the following work as a compromise?

- Use Tab/Shift+Tab to move in and out of widgets, as before.

- Use arrows to navigate within widgets, as before.

- Use Ctrl+Tab to move within a grid quickly among editable cells.

I'm suggesting Ctrl+Tab instead of Jon's Ctrl+Enter since it includes 
"Tab" and that conjures up navigation.

However, it's entirely possible that Ctrl+Tab may already be taken by 
the OS or the browser.  In that case, perhaps the square bracket keys, ] 
and [, could be used to denote forward and backward motion, and be used 
to navigate among editable cells.


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Received on Tuesday, 29 July 2008 15:21:34 UTC