New Contact info

Hi All who know Earl Johnson;

Sounds like a chant to lull someone into a trance when said connected: 
Hi-All-who-know Earl-Johnson, ... (again, repetitiously) :)

Anyway, I've moved on from Sun, my new email address is the following:

My old email - - stops working after Thursday, 7/10.

Apologies to those folks who that chant above still not knowing who the 
above person was, I look forward to meeting you if this is the case; and 
to those who received this multiple times. ;)

Oh, and biker is short for bicyclist - I was an avid one before I became 
a 4 wheeler and am loving the fact it's Tour de France time.

Earl Johnson
	cell:	408-417-9899

Received on Thursday, 10 July 2008 23:28:48 UTC