RE: accessibility conformance/approval logos and web content accessibility checkers

Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
> - equally as
> important -- to state plainly that, since accessibility lies in the
> eye, ear, finger-tip or whatever else is available to an individual
> user, and since no two users are identical, the
> site/company/organization is relying on you (the user) to provide us
> with feedback as to how to make this site more accessible and/or
> identify problems you are encountering with the site; 

Excellent post Gregory,  I might simply add that any "statement" made in
association with a site also clearly state the date that the assessment was
done, along with the caveat that the statement refers to a "snapshot" of the
site that day: in today's web environment a site that meets all conformance
criteria on Monday may not by Friday, and if you are planning on putting
*your name* on the bottom line you need to be clear on this point.


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