WebVisum: accessibility plugin for FF3 with "CAPTCHA image solving"


there is currently a thread on the mozilla accessibility developers'
emailing list announcing the release of WebVisum:

WebVisum is a unique and free Firefox add on which greatly enhances
web accessibility and empowers the blind and visually impaired
community by putting the control in your hands! Its aim is to allow
you to better enjoy surfing the net and be significantly less
dependent upon outside help. 

one of the bullet points in the announcement of WebVisum is:

Automated and instant CAPTCHA image solving, sign up to web sites
and make posts and comments without asking for help!

this has sparked a quite interested thread -- especially on CAPTCHA
and strategies for dealing with CAPTCHAs

the thread starts with the original WebVisum announcement:


more information on WebVisum itself can be found at:


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