[Access Module] accessibility check of SVG WG request for @order


in reference to the Access Module's last call draft:


which the XHTML2 WG is set to transition to CR, there has been discussion 
of the SVG WG's formal comments, which are logged at: 


and which were discussed during last week's XHTML2 telecon:


i have been tasked by the XHTML2 WG to "bring up SVG's proposal for 
attribute 'order' to ascertain if affects accessibility qua 

here follows the SVG WG's request for PF review:


Order of @targetrole and @targetid Values:

It doesn't seem intuitive that the targetrole and targetid lists are 
unordered, but rely solely on document order.  For SVG in particular, 
document order is of a different nature than in XHTML; it determines 
the stacking order, not the sequential order.  We do understand that 
both unordered and ordered lists have use cases; therefore, we suggest 
that you introduce a way for the author to control the 'tabbing' order.

One way to accomplish this is to add an additional, optional attribute, 
such as:

   attribute 'order' = "document* | list"

where "list" sets the tabbing order to a strict sequence determined by 
the order of the values in targetrole and targetid.

(NOTE: in the above quote, the value "document" is the default value 
for the proposed 'order' attribute)

does this proposal raise any red, yellow or other-colored flags?  it seems
to me (as an individual) a reasonable and even desireable attribute, 
inherently increasing the accessibility of SVG, but what do others in the 
WAI think?

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