Re: Keyboard Behaviors for Elements with Role "Grid"


> Why not just let the left and right arrow keys wrap in a grid? 
I'm not sure that addresses the problem.  There is a need for:

(1) keystrokes for navigating into and out of the grid.
(2) keystrokes for navigating cell-to-cell (up and down a column and 
across a row).
(3) keystrokes for navigating quickly among editable cells.

Number (3) is useful when a large number of cells are read-only and the 
user wants to move only among to the editable ones.

How does wrapping solve this?

> I think we should avoid defining modifier keys whenever we can, 
> because of browser and cross-platform implications. 

Fundamentally, I agree.  Unfortunately, grids are complicated structures 
and modifier keys might be unavoidable.


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Received on Tuesday, 29 July 2008 17:40:14 UTC