RE: Aria Roles vs. Keyboard Shortcuts in the DHTML Style Guide

Good points Stefan!
When I added N/A to the table, I was assuming there would be no keyboard
interaction required with these roles.  Yet the examples you point out
are very good.  
I think it might be time to take up the question with the PF group about
what roles require keyboard shortcuts and what do not.  I will ask for
time on their agenda.
The first point, about Article Region, brings up the question of
navigating to landmarks.  ARIA defines several landmark type containers.
Article, Banner, Complementary, Contentinfo, Directory, Document,
Heading, Main and Region all may be in this category.  
I am reluctant to leave this to the AT to decide.  For one, the keyboard
only user is left out. Perhaps your suggestion of Ctrl+Alt+Tab to cycle
through all of these should be considered?  
Would you like to make a proposal to the group?


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Style Guide

	Don, Kenny,


	this is a great overview table. 


	It is of particular interest to know if for some ARIA role -
Styleguide combinations denoted with "N/A" the keyboard navigation
to/from it should be left to AT or not.


	For instance, take the navigation to/from an Article region. I
can imagine some native AT dialog that lists regions and pops up on some
magical key combination and there we go with list navigation inside to
select the regions .. But this is not defined that AT should do this
(and I think we should at least think about such a definition in the
back of our minds).


	The "we-do-all-without-AT-navigation" alternative would in turn
require that we talk about implementation of "zone" or "region" key
combinations (e.g. Ctrl-Alt-Tab for cycle-wise focusing different
regions on the page).


	For other roles (Math?) keyboard navigation may not make any
sense and this should be also clearly stated where appropriate.


	Finally, there is for roles application and document a
fundamental difference in keyboard navigation that should be somehow
reflected in the table, everybody knows that role application requires a
switch-off of the VPC modes of AT (automatic or manually) and
consequently this affects element-to element navigation (TAB/Shift-Tab
and Arrow keys in grids), whereas document navigation mode is always
using arrowing and AT VPC modes.


	-       Stefan



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	Subject: Aria Roles vs. Keyboard Shortcuts in the DHTML Style


	Thanks to Kenny Johar, we have a gap analysis between the Aria
Roles and the Keyboard Shortcuts defined by the DHTML Style Guide:


	It appears as if we have all the roles accounted for that
require keyboard shortcuts with the exception of LINK.  I will prepare a
proposal for our review tomorrow.


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