Re: Widgets within widgets

So maybe a note at the end. See if this makes it any more clear:

Clarification on widgets within widgets

The general navigation model is for a user to tab to a widget, interact 
with the controls in that widget and then tab to move focus off to the 
next widget in the tab order. By extension, when the construct of a 
widget contains another widget, tab will move focus to the contained 
widget because it is the next item in the tab order. This continues down 
the layers of widgets until the last widget is reached. For example: We 
have two widgets A and B on a page. Widget A contains within it Widget C 
and Widget C contains within it Widget D. When tabbing, focus would land 
on Widget A, then another tab would focus on C and then another tab 
would focus on widget D. Because D is the the last widget in C and C is 
the last widget in A one more tab would move focus to B.


Dave Pawson wrote:
> 2008/7/1 Chris Blouch <>:
>> Nested, yes, but we don't land back on the containing widget but rather on
>> the next tab stop. So we keep popping the stack until we reach a tabable
>> widget. Does that make sense. Did I mangle that somehow in the description?
>> This was why I put in the example showing that after landing on widget D you
>> would go to B, not back to A. Maybe I need to highlight that, if it's really
>> what should happen.
> I got it, but only from my 'Lisp' analogy :-)
> It may be worth emphasizing that point?
> regards

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