Re: Widgets within widgets

> Chris gives an example of A(C(D))B having TAB order: A, C, D, B
> What should the Shift-TAB behavior be when B is selected?
>  (a) the reverse of the TAB order: B, D, C, A.
>  (b) or depth first traversal from the end: B, A, C, D
My intuition says (a).  If you have tabbed from A to C to D and finally 
to B, and you "want to go back one tab stop", "D" is where you just came 
from, so "D" is where you go back to.  Two Shift-TABs in a row take you 
two tab stops back to C, and so on.

Is this issue that Shift-TAB takes you back one step vs. that it 
completely rewinds to the beginning?


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