Re: Widgets within widgets

So depth first tree traversal...

- Chris gives an example of A(C(D))B having TAB order: A, C, D, B

What should the Shift-TAB behavior be when B is selected?

  (a) the reverse of the TAB order: B, D, C, A.
  (b) or depth first traversal from the end: B, A, C, D


Chris Blouch wrote:
> So maybe a note at the end. See if this makes it any more clear:
> Clarification on widgets within widgets
> The general navigation model is for a user to tab to a widget, interact 
> with the controls in that widget and then tab to move focus off to the 
> next widget in the tab order. By extension, when the construct of a 
> widget contains another widget, tab will move focus to the contained 
> widget because it is the next item in the tab order. This continues down 
> the layers of widgets until the last widget is reached. For example: We 
> have two widgets A and B on a page. Widget A contains within it Widget C 
> and Widget C contains within it Widget D. When tabbing, focus would land 
> on Widget A, then another tab would focus on C and then another tab 
> would focus on widget D. Because D is the the last widget in C and C is 
> the last widget in A one more tab would move focus to B.
> CB
> Dave Pawson wrote:
>> 2008/7/1 Chris Blouch <>:
>>> Nested, yes, but we don't land back on the containing widget but rather on
>>> the next tab stop. So we keep popping the stack until we reach a tabable
>>> widget. Does that make sense. Did I mangle that somehow in the description?
>>> This was why I put in the example showing that after landing on widget D you
>>> would go to B, not back to A. Maybe I need to highlight that, if it's really
>>> what should happen.
>> I got it, but only from my 'Lisp' analogy :-)
>> It may be worth emphasizing that point?
>> regards

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