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Google+ Custom URL Nic da Costa (Wednesday, 30 October)

Uncomplete CSS property descriptions David R. Herz (Tuesday, 29 October)

Seattle Doc Sprint, 11/2 Eliot Graff (Friday, 25 October)

Doc Sprint Belgium Paul Verbeek (Friday, 25 October)

Prefixes, examples, communicating expectations and Compatibility Tables Carlos Araya (Thursday, 24 October)

html5devconf notes Julee Burdekin (Thursday, 24 October)

Schedules - breaking it down Julee Burdekin (Thursday, 24 October) meeting this Friday? Julee (Thursday, 24 October)

Moving from events page to calendar? Julee Burdekin (Thursday, 24 October)

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Doc Sprint in a Box Scott Rowe (Tuesday, 22 October)

The novice's view David R. Herz (Monday, 21 October)

Amsterdam Doc Sprint Post Scott Rowe (Monday, 21 October)

Task filed: enable CORS Julee Burdekin (Monday, 21 October)

Infrastructure meeting canceled Julee (Monday, 21 October)

volonteer to work on table-layout or vertical-align Cristian Bell (Monday, 21 October)

Browser Support Project Doug Schepers (Saturday, 19 October)

CSS - External Examples Eliezer Bernart (Saturday, 19 October)

Help share WPD with html5devconf in SF! Julee Burdekin (Friday, 18 October) meeting Friday Julee Burdekin (Friday, 18 October)

[css-ui] outline-stye: auto Scott Rowe (Thursday, 17 October)

Re: HTML Form attributes Francesco Iovine (Wednesday, 16 October)

Last chance to sign up for a CSS Property! Julee (Wednesday, 16 October)

Status on the CSS Properties Julee (Wednesday, 16 October)

We won't address these 102 low priority properties unless you speak up Julee (Tuesday, 15 October)

A few properties that may need re-prioritizing Julee (Tuesday, 15 October)

Birthday blog post Scott Rowe (Tuesday, 15 October)

mask-* properties are done, but need examples? Julee (Tuesday, 15 October)

Please volunteer to do examples for grid-* Julee Burdekin (Tuesday, 15 October)

Ten properties?!? Let's wipe these out!! Julee Burdekin (Tuesday, 15 October)

Re: Canceling general AND analytics meeting Renoir Boulanger (Monday, 14 October)

Canceling general meeting Julee Burdekin (Friday, 11 October)

Re: Device APIs Francesco Iovine (Thursday, 10 October)

Out of town, be back soon Renoir Boulanger (Monday, 7 October)

Last friday conversation on IRC while I was AFK Renoir Boulanger (Monday, 7 October)

Meeting regrets: Out of Town, coming back tonight Renoir Boulanger (Monday, 7 October)

Web Platform Doc Sprint Dashboard Andre Jay Meissner (Monday, 7 October)

Regrets for today Renoir Boulanger (Friday, 4 October)

W3C spec syntax David Gash (Friday, 4 October)

RE: Notes from today's infrastructure meeting Eliot Graff (Friday, 4 October) meeting Friday Julee Burdekin (Friday, 4 October)

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"wplat" yubnub shortcut Mike Sierra (Thursday, 3 October)

Current issues I am working on Renoir Boulanger (Thursday, 3 October)

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Adding a fire starter badge to the user profile pages Julee Burdekin (Wednesday, 2 October)

WPW Sign-out request, 1 Oct 13 Lance Leonard (Tuesday, 1 October)

Re: What do you think about changing the UI for unfinished pages? (no flags, one big warning sign instead) Richard Ishida (Tuesday, 1 October)

Accomplishments Scott Rowe (Tuesday, 1 October)

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