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2:00 eastern DNT session -- DeID and then Swire discusses general path forward

Action 368 - Definition of Service Provider/Data Processor

ACTION-359: Add proposal for ISSUE-161 to allow an indicator of non-compliance within the tracking status value for testing and deployment

action-363: Draft text for user agent flexibility on exceptions

ACTION-364: Draft section on best practices for sites requesting exceptions

ACTION-366: Draft text on another non-compliant/ignoring the expressed preference

Agenda for 28 November 2012 call - V01

Agenda for Wednesday call February 6

Agenda update for Monday and Tuesday in Cambridge (compliance spec)

Another agenda item for Boston

AW: good luck with the travel…'historic' blizzard forecast...

AW: regrets for Boston f2f

Bare-bones draft; scribes; snow pages

Batch closing of issues (ISSUE-144, ISSUE-187, ISSUE-190, ISSUE-173, ISSUE-138) [pls Respond by Jan 30]

Boston Face-to-Face

Cambridge Face-to-Face begins mid-day Monday

cannot come to f2f

Concerns regarding "store"-style DNT exceptions Re: Batch closing of issues ISSUE-144


Detailed directions about the building and room at MIT

DNT: Agenda for Wednesday call, February 20

DNT: Agenda for Wednesday call, February 27

DNT: background memo on "service provider"/"processor"

F2F Postponement?

Fwd: Technical Review of EME (DRM in HTML5)

Global considerations meeting 11-12 March in Berlin/Germany

good luck with the travel…'historic' blizzard forecast...

If you are calling in today

ISSUE-10 First party definition, ISSUE-60, ACTION-?

ISSUE-152: User Agent Compliance: feedback for out-of-band consent

ISSUE-192: Should exceptions have expiry date, secure flag or other cookie-like attributes?

ISSUE-25 research exception

Logan Airport opening tonight (Saturday); conference begins mid-day Monday

Media Rating Council slides for Feb. 6 weekly DNT call

MIT open Monday; see you there.

my slides for Tuesday morning

Note on presentation today by Khaled El Emam on homomorphic encryption

Offer users choice over the advertising network they use as a path forward.

Out of Office

OVUM Survey on user attitudes to being tracked

Public call for prior art on Do Not Track Headers

regrets for Boston f2f

reminder of mailing lists

Revised agenda for Monday and Tuesday in Cambridge

Revision on agenda -- deID decisions now on Tuesday

schauf slides

Some URLs for Boston

Swire notes to discuss first break-out session

Technical Review of EME (DRM in HTML5)

TPWG (and PAG) extension

Tracking Protection Working Group Extended

URLs for homomorphic encryption

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