Logan Airport opening tonight (Saturday); conference begins mid-day Monday

Hi everyone:

After speaking with multiple people in Boston, and watching the news updates, we continue on the same path:

-- Logan Airport in Boston is scheduled to re-open tonight (Saturday).
-- Main roads, quite a few secondary roads, and quite a few sidewalks near MIT are plowed and opened.
--Snow/precipitation has ended.
-- We have shifted the start time to Monday at mid-day.  That provides Sunday and Monday morning as travel times where airports are open.

My own flight on Sunday afternoon is showing on-time.  That is true for many other flights on Sunday.  In practice, allow more time than usual, and that is exactly why we have allowed extra time to begin on Monday.

I am bringing snow pants and ski mittens.  I hereby volunteer for throwing snowballs during or after the Monday reception.  If my performance deserves it  on Monday, then just throw extra snowballs my way and I will accept my fate.

Best to all,


Professor Peter P. Swire
C. William O'Neill Professor of Law
    Ohio State University

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W3C team - do we have a picture who is coming/ confirmed?

I'll travel from Europe tomorrow and am committed to. But it would be awkward if we end up with a group of 10 people or so...

Kind regards,

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Subject: regrets for Boston f2f
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I send my regrets as well. I will plan on dialing in for the sessions. Safe
travels to those making the trip.


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On Feb 9, 2013, at 11:46 AM, "Vinay Goel" <vigoel@adobe.com<mailto:vigoel@adobe.com>> wrote:

> Jumping on the bandwagon, I too have to send my regrets to Boston.  I was
suppose to take the train in today, which got cancelled.  There's no
decision yet whether the trains will be running tomorrow.
> -Vinay
> On Feb 9, 2013, at 5:22 AM, Roy T. Fielding <fielding@gbiv.com<mailto:fielding@gbiv.com>> wrote:
>> Likewise, I have decided to cancel my trip to Boston due to family
>> concerns regarding the severe weather, conflicting events due to the
>> Chinese New Year, a light agenda that doesn't require the time or
>> expense of a cross-continental trip, and general exhaustion from
>> working through the holidays on unrequited standards.  I will attempt
>> to attend via the bridge and irc.
>> Cheers,
>> Roy T. Fielding                     <http://roy.gbiv.com/>
>> Senior Principal Scientist, Adobe   <https://www.adobe.com/>

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