Bare-bones draft; scribes; snow pages

Hello DNT folks:

As we head into the weekend, here are three items:

(1) Based on some written comments, there may be a lack of clarity about the nature of the "bare-bones draft" that is posted here:  As chair, I asked the compliance editors to prepare this draft as an aid to the deliberations of the group at the face-to-face.  The specific language does not in general represent closed language for which the group has achieved consensus.  Instead, the draft contains the key components that appear likely to be in a compliance standard.  We will discuss many of those components at the face-to-face, and will use the usual process to determine where consensus exists.

(2) We will have a relatively heavy need for scribes during the Cambridge face-to-face.  We will have meetings on three days, and will separate into several groups for one session each on Monday and Tuesday.  We therefore encourage you to consider volunteering to be a scribe during those groups and for the sessions.  If you are kind enough to volunteer in advance, please contact Nick Doty at and Yianni Lagos at

(3) As a source of continued information about the winter storm:
MIT has pages for snow and emergency information:

Weather info is at:


Professor Peter P. Swire
C. William O'Neill Professor of Law
    Ohio State University

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