ISSUE-152: User Agent Compliance: feedback for out-of-band consent

A key motivation for having an out-of-band consent signal is to allow a user agent to signal to the user that this server claims that it is complying with the user's preference but that consent has been confirmed with the user outside of the user-agent channel. In this situation, the server uses a tracking status value of "C" in the site-wide tracking status resource or the Tk response header.

ISSUE 152 was opened to ask whether we needed to add a requirement on user agents that they should or must provide a UI or otherwise communicate this out-of-band consent to the user. I volunteered to explain why no text is needed.

I propose that we do not need such a requirement: user agents may choose to highlight this consent (in case the user did not intend to give consent, for example), but it's not necessary for interoperability that they do. Different user agents might have different UIs or no UI altogether. A user agent might provide UI only in certain modes or when there is some indication that a user might want to know. Some users might care to know a great deal about the server's response, while many others may not care at all.

I believe we can close ISSUE 152 without adding any requirements or additional text.


Received on Saturday, 9 February 2013 05:07:01 UTC