Public call for prior art on Do Not Track Headers

The W3C hereby issues a call for prior art on US patent 8,156,206 [1]
that may apply to the Tracking Preference Expression (DNT) 
Specification[2]. An outside party (who is contributing postings to the 
Working Group mailing list) has been alerting participants in the 
Working Group about US Patent Nr. 8,156,206. 

The PAG seeks information about preference expression methods (privacy 
or otherwise) that were available before February 2007, and provide 
evidence of prior art that would help to resolve the patent issue at 

People who wish to provide feedback should refer to the call[3] for more 
information or write back to

Please distribute this call for prior art as widely as possible.


 Rigo Wenning
 DNT PAG chair
 W3C Legal counsel

Received on Wednesday, 27 February 2013 20:23:54 UTC