reminder of mailing lists

Based on discussions in Cambridge last week, now seems like a good time to provide a reminder on the group's mailing lists. All of these mailing lists are publicly archived and anyone may subscribe to any list at the links below.

The main public mailing list; used for discussion and thus relatively high-traffic.

The announcement list: chairs and staff will CC many fewer messages to this list; for example, when closing issues or announcing meetings.

The task force for Global Considerations is using this list specifically for questions about applicability across legal jurisdictions and the Global Considerations Note. (That sub-group will be meeting next month in Berlin.)

This mailing list sends a message whenever the editors update one of the group's drafts, with a line-by-line "diff" of the change.

We created this list for discussion of the Tracking Selection Lists Note, but it has gone unused for many months. (Including in this email just to be comprehensive.)

I've also updated the FAQ page to document these lists for newcomers.


Received on Tuesday, 19 February 2013 21:52:48 UTC