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305 Use Proxy deprecated?

[NEW ISSUE] HTTP status code registry, was: Status 102

[RFC] HTTP Information Request

[RFC] HTTP Timezone - rev4

[webkit-dev] Accept- & Content-Resolution headers proposal

Accept- & Content-Resolution headers proposal

Aqui esta una brillante oportunidad de hacer dinero en tiempo libre, accesible desde Fri, 13 Apr 2007 10:51:42 -0800

BCP0097 RFC 4897 on Handling Normative References to Standards-Track Documents

BOF request deadline Monday

charset / Content-Type BNF flaw in RFC2616

Client information

Closing issues 45 (NNTP Reference), 46 (references to RFC1700), 47 (inconsistency in date format explanation), 48 (Date reference typo)

DIFF format sketch

Escaping control characters in HTTP Digest (RFC 2617) (was: Escaping <\> in HTTP Digest (RFC 2617))

extending status codes

Fwd: Re: [PHP] [RFC] HTTP timezone

FYI: HTTP intermediary conformance

handling Proxy-Connection

HTTP 'HASH' Method

HTTP version numbers returned by proxies

HTTPbis BOF at Chicago

I-D candidate: draft-sharhalakis-httptz-02.txt

i19 - bodies on GET -- round 2

i28 proposed replacement text

i31 (qdtext BNF) resolved

i51 HTTP-date vs. rfc1123-date, was: NEW ISSUE: date formats in BNF and spec text, was: RFC 2616 Errata: Misc. Typos

If-match clarification

ISSUE 31: qdtext BNF

Issue i17 (Revise description of the POST method)

ISSUE: header length limit with encoded words

Metalink: higher availability and integrity downloads

migration to ABNF, was: i31 (qdtext BNF) resolved

my action item on issue 52 (Sort 1.3 Terminology)

New issue: 6.1.1 can on a quick reading be misread that it's a complete list of status codes

New issue: 6.1.1 too vague about parsing requirements

NEW ISSUE: classifying and updating informative references

NEW ISSUE: example for matching functions, was: Weak and strong ETags

NEW ISSUE: http URLvs Request-URI, was: 3.2.2 issue

NEW ISSUE: ISO-8859-1 reference

NEW ISSUE: redirection vs location

NEW ISSUE: updating from RFC2048 to RFC4288

NEW ISSUE: WS in quoted-pair, was: ISSUE 31: qdtext BNF

on the subject of DHCPv4

PATCH and WebDAV, was Re: PATCH Draft


pipelined client/server behaviour

Planned for Chicago?

Prague meeting report

protocol support for intercepting proxies

protocol support for intercepting proxies - OT, topical re WPAD

Regarding dynamic ip addressed for HTTP Servers.

Required DIFF format [was Re: PATCH Draft]

Resourcing HTTP work [was: Planned for Chicago?]

RFC2616 vs RFC2617, was: Straw-man charter for http-bis

RFC2617 erratum (editorial)

RFC2617, digest domains

RFC2617, was: Straw-man charter for http-bis

Section 13

SRV records and HTTP

Straw-man charter for http-bis

Straw-man charter for http-bis -- call for errata/clarifications to 2617

The use of trailers

Timezone information in HTTP

Why the use of Date is restricted in requests

WPAD Support for IPv6 (on-topic?)

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