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Agenda for the TAG Teleconference of 31 January 2013 Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 31 January)

Fragid requirements on script authors Jeni Tennison (Wednesday, 30 January)

DWIM, Error handling, and standards Larry Masinter (Monday, 28 January)

Draft minutes of TAG telcon 2013-01-24 now available Henry S. Thompson (Monday, 28 January)

Fwd: [apps-discuss] Working Group Last Call for draft-ietf-appsawg-acct-uri-02 Melvin Carvalho (Monday, 28 January)

Scope of W3C recommendations; core issue for polyglot & DRM Larry Masinter (Monday, 28 January)

The W3C TAG will meet 18-20 March 2013 in Cambridge, MA Noah Mendelsohn (Sunday, 27 January)

Fwd: Megakey innovation, the future of web privacy? Ashok Malhotra (Thursday, 24 January)

Dear TAG Brian Kardell (Wednesday, 23 January)

Draft TAG minutes of the 20-dec-2012 meeting Yves Lafon (Wednesday, 23 January)

A problem where there is none (Re: The non-polyglot elephant in the room) Leif Halvard Silli (Wednesday, 23 January)

Preliminary agenda for TAG teleconference of 24 January 2013 Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 23 January)

Re: TAG Decision on Rescinding the request to the HTML WG to develop a polyglot guide Henri Sivonen (Friday, 18 January)

Minutes of informal TAG meeting/teleconference 15 January 2013 Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 17 January)

Some questions to consider for today's TAG Meeting/Call Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 15 January)

Aaron is dead. Tim Berners-Lee (Saturday, 12 January)

TAG election results Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 10 January)

TAG F2F Cancelled - There will be a TAG Meeting Afternoon of Tues 15 January EST Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 8 January)

Tentative proposal for Tues afternoon meeting in place of TAG F2F next week Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 7 January)

Possible cancellation of W3C TAG meeting next week Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 7 January)

Re: Comments on Fragment Identifier draft Jeni Tennison (Saturday, 5 January)

Informal Notes from TAG Meeting Jan 3, 2013 Ashok Malhotra (Friday, 4 January)

comments on "Publishing and Linking" Larry Masinter (Thursday, 3 January)

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 3 January Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 3 January)

Tentative agenda for TAG call tomorrow Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 3 January)

Irish Newspaper "Collective" supposedly demanding payments for links to their content Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 2 January)

Re: FYI, tag election links Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 1 January)

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