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RE: Understanding URI Hosting Practice as Support for Documentation Discovery: 'meaning of meaning' Larry Masinter (Wednesday, 29 February)

Call for proposals to amend the "httpRange-14 resolution" Jonathan A Rees (Wednesday, 29 February)

Draft TAG Minutes from 16 Feb. Jonathan A Rees (Wednesday, 29 February)

Agenda for the TAG teleconference of 1 March 2012 Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 29 February)

[Fwd: Re: Comments on draft "baseline" httprange-14 replacement] David Booth (Tuesday, 28 February)

ACTION-657: Schedule discussion of HTML/XML Unification Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 27 February)

ACTION-641: Find earlier TAG issues lists relating to HTML5 Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 27 February)

Re: The CA system is spectacularly broken - can the TAG help? Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 27 February)

ACTION 610: Draft Meta Formats section for W3C site Jeni Tennison (Saturday, 25 February)

Publication of the final WG Note of 'Usage Patterns For Client-Side URI parameters' Yves Lafon (Wednesday, 22 February)

Publication of HTML/XML Task Force Report Yves Lafon (Wednesday, 22 February)

Preparation for April 2012 TAG F2F Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 21 February)

Regrets for this week's TAG call Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 21 February)

Re: HashInURI Karl Dubost (Tuesday, 21 February)

TAG response to your comments on "Issues of concern to the TAG" Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 20 February)

Copyright & linking: Canadian universities sign agreement equating linking with photocopying Noah Mendelsohn (Sunday, 19 February)

preview of httprange-14 change proposal call Jonathan A Rees (Wednesday, 15 February)

Re: Certificate Authority Weaknesses [was Re: Issues of concern to the TAG] Mike Belshe (Wednesday, 15 February)

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 16 February 2012 Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 15 February)

Fwd: Issues of concern to the TAG Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 15 February)

Re: Fw: CfC: Close ISSUE-177: ietf-id-wip by Amicable Resolution Henry S. Thompson (Wednesday, 15 February)

XML Error Recovery Community Group Jeni Tennison (Tuesday, 14 February)

TAG ACTION-23: URIs for XML Schema datatypes Henry S. Thompson (Tuesday, 14 February)

review requested - httpRange-14 amendment process baseline document Jonathan A Rees (Monday, 13 February)

DRAFT minutes 2/9/2012 Larry Masinter (Monday, 13 February)

updating page for 'uri documentation discovery' product Jonathan A Rees (Saturday, 11 February)

MIME and the web next steps: review new media type reg process? Larry Masinter (Saturday, 11 February)

Late Minutes from January 19 Daniel Appelquist (Thursday, 9 February)

Re: Final draft of response to Jeff Jaffe on issue identified by the TAG Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 9 February)

use of SSL and privacy Larry Masinter (Wednesday, 8 February)

Heads up: XML Prague sessions Robin Berjon (Wednesday, 8 February)

Draft minutes for the TAG teleconference of 2 February 2012 Jeni Tennison (Wednesday, 8 February)

Agenda for TAG Teleconference of 9 February 2012 Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 8 February)

ACTION-662: Redraft proposed product page on API Minimization Robin Berjon (Thursday, 2 February)

Agenda for the TAG teleconference of 2 February 2012 Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 2 February)

There WILL be a TAG call tomorrow at the usual time Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 1 February)

Future TAG work on "MIME and the Web" Larry Masinter (Wednesday, 1 February)

TAG call of 2 February 2012 MAY be canceled Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 1 February)

Re: Personal comments on "Providing and Discovering Definitions of URIs" Jonathan Rees (Wednesday, 1 February)

Installing web apps Tim Berners-Lee (Wednesday, 1 February)

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