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Date/time on the Internet Misha Wolf (Saturday, 31 May)

STYLE inheritance & FRAME Chad Owen Yoshikawa (Saturday, 31 May)

Is Your Web Site A Secret? owl@owlsnest.com (Friday, 30 May)

<TD WIDTH="25%"> not supported: Why not? R. Nortman (Thursday, 29 May)

relevance of SCHEME in metadata for education in Australia Jack Gilding (Thursday, 29 May)

royalties for <FRAME>? pris sears (Wednesday, 28 May)

using plug-in in a Java application Erika Madja (Monday, 26 May)

Gathering IMG in the same HyperText Link... ? Nicolas MONTESSUIT (Friday, 23 May)

Cancelation OpeDog (Thursday, 22 May)

problems with frames Dataweaver (Wednesday, 21 May)

Announcement: A new Wiley book on World Wide Web Security Avi Rubin (Thursday, 15 May)

MAP as IMG Bruno Kestemont (Thursday, 15 May)

parentheses, dashes... Nicolas MONTESSUIT (Thursday, 15 May)

Cougar DTD: A TITLE missing? Doug Sheppard (Thursday, 15 May)

draft-daviel-metadata-link-00.txt Andrew Daviel (Thursday, 15 May)

Need chapter and verse on quoting of attribute values Jennifer Masek (Wednesday, 14 May)

structured metadata using A Bruno Kestemont (Wednesday, 14 May)

HTML Metadata for other Web objects Andrew Daviel (Wednesday, 23 April)

structured metadata using A Bruno Kestemont (Monday, 12 May)

do you hear me? Bruno Kestemont (Wednesday, 14 May)

HDML Paul Prescod (Wednesday, 14 May)

The 'state of the browsers' report Benjamin Franz (Tuesday, 13 May)

Re: Soft hyphen Martin J. Duerst (Tuesday, 13 May)

Re: why TITLE, not TITLE? (fwd) MegaZone (Tuesday, 13 May)

Mosaic and <link> tags Rob (Monday, 12 May)

Link checking (only) Walter Ian Kaye (Monday, 12 May)

Re: Soft hyphen (Re: Cougar comments) (fwd) Martin J. Duerst (Monday, 12 May)

Monday's <NEWS> is here... <mbox@ziplink.net> (Sunday, 11 May)

SOLUTION TO: children downloading pornographic materials (fwd) MegaZone (Monday, 12 May)

$SATELLITE TELEVISION $$ success@savetrees.com (Sunday, 11 May)

<link rel=See-Also href=...>? Rob (Saturday, 10 May)

&xnnnn; Misha Wolf (Saturday, 10 May)

Cougar - Ordered Lists Numbering Style Jonathan Rosenne (Saturday, 10 May)

Re: Cougar DTD Arnoud (Friday, 9 May)

Cougar comments Brian Kelly (Friday, 9 May)

why TITLE, not TITLE? Chad Owen Yoshikawa (Friday, 9 May)

HTML question SINGH SATWINDER (516) 434-6274 (Thursday, 8 May)

FREE MONEY! friend@noreply.com (Thursday, 8 May)

Webpage Search??? Murthy Pappu (Thursday, 8 May)

SOLUTION TO: children downloading pornographic materials Marek Cerajewski (Wednesday, 7 May)

Uncensored Web Site Hosting webmail@savetrees.com (Wednesday, 7 May)

Quote markup David Siegel (Tuesday, 6 May)

Presentation of Q Neil St.Laurent (Monday, 5 May)

DATE/AUTHOR as part of DIV / SPAN Neil St.Laurent (Monday, 5 May)

Israeli HTML Standard Jonathan Rosenne (Saturday, 3 May)

Cougar DTD - I18N Jonathan Rosenne (Saturday, 3 May)

Re: WHICH HTML-CODE is better to use? rmckenzie@datawide.com (Thursday, 1 May)

Re: Strange definition of Frame in Cougar DTD Arnoud (Thursday, 1 May)

content negotiation Jeff de la Beaujardiere (Thursday, 1 May)

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