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> A DATEMODIFIED parameter would be nice to indicate the last date that 
> a section of the document was modified.

Nice idea, although I'd rather have the attribute named LASTMODIFIED
since you also might want to embed a time. I presume you'll use
the standard date/time notation here?

> An AUTHOR parameter would be nice for documents worked on by multiple 
> people.

Well, then you would have to do that as an attribute on the entire
document too. Usually this is done (document-wide) with
<META NAME=author CONTENT='Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet'>
and duplicating that information in an attribute could be a bit
of a problem.

Isn't this whole proposal a request to be able to embed meta-
information on the <DIV>-level rather than the document level?
That would make an interesting proposal. Rather than a different
attribute for every possible information bit, we could have a
generalized way to specify this.

> <A IMG = --some comment-- "url"> 

That is not valid; comments are only permitted in SGML declarations.

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