Re: structured metadata using A

Doug Sheppard wrote:
> All but the least-viewed documents, which is not the same as "most
> important".  If the 50th hit for a certain keyword set is the one that
> the user is looking for, but the first ten hits are all bogus, the
> clickthroughs on the first ten hits will still register with the
> engine.  This might create a feedback loop where the user, knowing that
> these top hits are the "most important", will go to them, and not see
> they're bogus until they've already helped reinforce their importance.

When I say bogus I mean "XXX SUPER HOT BABES XXX", binary files,
hundreds of hits in the same document, many copies of the same document
spread around etc. I can usually tell a bogus hit from a good one by the
listing. If I could merely have the obviously bogus ones removed from
the listing then that would make some searches MUCH easier.

 Paul Prescod

Received on Thursday, 15 May 1997 00:21:36 UTC