Re: content negotiation

Jeff de la Beaujardiere wrote:
> I believe that transparent content negotiation in HTTP (see
> will provide that
> Clients can negotiate on the basis of media type, charset, language,
> features.  Feature negotiation uses "feature tags" to identify "a
> of a user agent or a preference of a user."

This is a very interesting proposal, but it implies a separate file for
each possibility, doesn't it? This would certainly be a boon in the
case of muli-language documents, where the bulk of the content is
different. However, there are so many non-related features that may or
may not be enabled on a UA, a separate file for each possible
combination isn't practical. With an active server page, content with
applicable features can be composed from one file.

David Perrell

Received on Thursday, 1 May 1997 16:53:05 UTC