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> I'm searching for chapter and verse on the quoting of attribute values
> under HTML spec. 2.0 and 3.2.  I've got 2 main questions:

The HTML 2.0 spec discusses quoting attribute values in section 3.2.4:

   The value of the attribute may be either:

        * A string literal, delimited by single quotes or double
        quotes and not containing any occurrences of the delimiting

        * A name token (a sequence of letters, digits, periods, or
        hyphens). Name tokens are not case sensitive.

> Does this mean that if an attribute value contains a "/" or a "#" that it
> must, under the 3.2 specification, be quoted?

Yes. HTML 3.2 basically says in words what HTML 2.0 defined more
formally: something with those characters in it is a 'string literal'
and those must be quoted.

> So, under 3.2, the first of the following pair would get quoted and the
> second wouldn't?
> <A HREF="#Rodents1">Hamsters</A>
> <H2><A NAME=Rodents1>Hamsters</A></H2>

You *may* quote the latter, but you *must* quote the former.

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