Use of LANG (Was: Re: relevance of SCHEME in metadata for education in Australia)

Bruno Kestemont wrote:

> I completely aggree. Both language and scheme are important for 
> international, national or regional and even multilingual cataloguing.
> For language, I would use ISO-2 characters as default, but other shemes are 
> possible within the Language entity.
> Example of use of scheme and language:
> <meta name= "DC.subject" scheme= "GEMET 1.0" language= "fr" 
> content="environnement, transport, politique">
> <meta name= "DC.language" language= "en" content="French">
> <meta name= "DC.language" content="fr">
> <meta name= "DC.language" content="fr FR">

I suggest a few small changes:

  Example of use of scheme, lang and language:
  <meta name= "DC.subject" scheme= "GEMET 1.0" lang= "fr" ...>
  <meta name= "DC.language" content="fr-FR">
Note that the last of these changes (the replacement of space with hyphen) 
is in line with RFC 1766, Tags for the Identification of Languages.
> In this example, used for environmental purposes or distributed 'intranets', 
> GEMET is the General European Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus. The use 
> of the language property avoid to repeat the indexing in other languages 
> equivalents and allow the indexing by the owner in his own language (and the 
> language of his readers).
> The 3 tags for DC.language are alternates, the 2 last beeing the standard 
> default (the use of English would be ambiguous for several languages, in 
> this case, French from France).
> Bruno Kestemont
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