Re: DATE/AUTHOR as part of DIV / SPAN

> Nice idea, although I'd rather have the attribute named LASTMODIFIED
> since you also might want to embed a time. I presume you'll use the
> standard date/time notation here?

LASTMODIFIED would be fine as well, I just chose DATEMODIFIED since 
"last" does not indicate that it's a date field.
> document too. Usually this is done (document-wide) with <META
> NAME=author CONTENT='Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet'> and duplicating
> that information in an attribute could be a bit of a problem.

Maybe one should wait until XML is used and declare all of the author 
entities at the beginning then just include them as needed.  Saves 
duplicating that information.
> Isn't this whole proposal a request to be able to embed meta-
> information on the <DIV>-level rather than the document level?
> That would make an interesting proposal. Rather than a different
> attribute for every possible information bit, we could have a
> generalized way to specify this.

I suppose it is.  Now that you mention it there are several 
additional META style items that could be placed at certain 
divisions.  Consider those lengthy pages with multiple sections in 
them, they could in theory each have a set of relationships with 
those divisions around them and the one at the very beginning.
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Received on Tuesday, 6 May 1997 10:30:24 UTC