Re: &xnnnn;

I meant:



>At the HTML WG meeting, I hope to help sort out the various i18n-related 
>errors in Cougar.  This mail deals with one point which is a proposal rather 
>than a bug report.
>1.  the Cougar document character set is ISO 10646/Unicode, and
>2.  that standard uses a hexadecimal character numbering scheme, and
>3.  not many people are good at doing hexadecimal-to-decimal conversion in 
>    their heads,
>it would be helpful to allow hex NCRs.  It would be best to follow the XML 
>syntax for this and follow the "&" with an "x".  All of these represent the 
>same character:
>   A
>   &65;
>   &x41;  
>Note: ISO 10646/Unicode allows more than four hex digits and so
>should be built to cope with NCRs such as "&xnnnnn;".  This does not mean that

>implementations have to, from day one, have the ability to render characters 
>beyond U+FFFF.  Implementations are *always* allowed to show a "misssing
>symbol in place of a character they cannot render.


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